Is ChatGPT a safe tool?


In previous years, we have witnessed a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence and the growing ability of machines to learn and solve logical problems on their own, especially with the advent of ChatBot tools such as ChatGPT.

At the end of last year, the OpenAI Company launched software that many say is both brilliant and terrifying at the same time. ChatGPT is a tool that generates text based on the entered data and answers the user’s questions as accurately as possible, in any language. Its possibilities are countless – from writing recipes, books, and movie scripts to devising marketing strategies and creating programming codes. Such tools were quickly recognized as having great potential and became a favourite of millions of users for writing the most creative content with unprecedented speed and originality. It is estimated that in January of this year, ChatGPT had an average of 13 million daily users.

Its emergence has raised quite a few issues, but one of the main ones is whether ChatGPT violates the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Italy is one of the few countries that have banned ChatGPT precisely because of this concern. Its regulators have published a list of necessary steps that OpenAI will have to take if it wants Italy to lift its temporary restriction on the processing of user data, and in particular to implement measures regarding the protection and filtering of users under the age of 18 on its website. This pre-emptive ban has prompted countries such as Germany, France and Spain to examine ChatGPT’s compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. What do you think? Will such tools become increasingly utilized in everyday life in the future and will the EU countries adapt to global changes in technology?

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Late last year, the OpenAI Company launched software that many say is both brilliant and terrifying at the same time.