GDPR – Mandatory element for doing business by the rules


Decades ago, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union tried to establish a legal framework that would regulate the problem of processing the personal data of European Union citizens and the free movement of such data. Frequent efforts finally led to the desired result – on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted. Although the Republic of Serbia is not an EU member, our country is obligated by the Stabilization and Association Agreement to harmonize its national legislation in data protection with the legal acquis of the European Union. To fulfil the aforementioned obligations, Serbia adopted the Law on Personal Data Protection, which entered into force and began its implementation in August 2019.

The Law on Personal Data Protection foresees the obligation of all companies, which have their headquarters in the Republic of Serbia, regardless of their size or the predominant activity they are engaged in, and which come into possession and process the data of natural persons, to harmonize their operations with legal provisions and instructions issued by the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

Companies, through their work, collect and process data on natural persons from their clients – existing or future – when sending offers, concluding contracts, providing services or selling products. They also collect and process data on their employees or job candidates by concluding a job contract, registering them for mandatory social and health insurance, monitoring the communication of employees in the company, etc. Companies also process data on their founders, directors and visitors to their websites or online stores, during video surveillance of the company’s premises and surrounding areas, or in other cases where the data relating to natural persons is acquired and processed.

Personal data is any type of data that refers to a natural person whose identity is determined in any way, directly or indirectly, and in particular, based on information such as first and last name, social security number, location or any other data of physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural and social identity.

Whether you have come across the GDPR and issues relevant to it for the first time, or you know a lot, but still want professional help with personal data protection, you are in the right place – FinExperts will provide you with insight into the complete regulation, answer all your questions and respond to challenges you face.

The services we provide to clients in this area include:

Drafting of mandatory internal documents and forms;

Establishment of procedures for the conduct of both the company and employees in accordance with the provisions of the Law;

Assistance in the communication between the company, its clients, employees and the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection;

Assisting and advising the company when acting on requests for deletion, transfer, addition, change or restriction of data processing, etc.

Consulting, drafting of opinions and assistance in connection with the implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection;

Assistance in the preparation for the Commissioner’s inspection;

In addition to the abovementioned services, we also provide continuous training, assistance and advice to employees and the person(s) responsible for the protection of personal data, to ensure permanent compliance of our clients’ work with legal provisions and recommendations of the Commissioner.

Bilo da se prvi put susrećete sa GDPR-om i pitanjima relevantnim za ovaj segment ili znate dosta toga, ali ipak želite profesionalnu pomoć u domenu zaštite podataka o ličnosti, na pravom ste mestu – stručni tim FinExperata pružiće Vam uvid u kompletnu regulativu i odgovoriti na sva vaša pitanja i izazove sa kojima se susrećete.

Usluge koje pružamo klijentima u ovoj oblasti obuhvataju:

  • Izradu obaveznih internih akata i obrazaca;
  • Uspostavljanje procedura za postupanje privrednog društva i zaposlenih u skladu sa odrebama Zakona;
  • Pomoć u komunikaciji privrednog društva sa klijentima, zaposlenima i Poverenikom za zaštitu podataka o ličnosti;
  • Pomoć i savetovanje privrednog društva prilikom postupanja po zahtevima za brisanje, prenos, dopunu, izmenu ili ograničenje obrade i dr.
  • Savetovanje, izrada mišljenja i pomoć u vezi sa primenom Zakona o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti;
  • Pomoć u postupku pripreme za kontrolu od strane Poverenika;

Pored navedenih usluga, pružamo i kontinuiranu obuku, pomoć i savetovanje zaposlenih i odgovornog lica za zaštitu podataka o ličnosti, kako bismo obezbedili trajnu usklađenost rada naših klijenata sa zakonskim odredbama i preporukama Poverenika. 

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